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As a Registered Training Organisation WTA can award participants with the following qualifications from the Water Industry  training packages.

Water Industry Training

Emerging Trends

In recent years the water industry has been transformed by national agendas, plans and challenging climatic conditions. Severe drought, national river health and sustainability issues have placed the industry on a high, political, environmental, social and economic platform. As a consequence the industry faces a very challenging future involving:

  • Water savings within the irrigation and urban sectors
  • Sustainable soil and groundwater management
  • On-farm efficiencies
  • Community education and redevelopment
  • Automated systems
  • Highly accurate water metering and recording systems
  • Provision of Australian Standard Drinking Water for all towns and cities in Australia
  • Management of wastewater and biosolids
  • Wastewater re-use
  • Environmental flows and eco-system sustainability
  • Water Resource management
  • Flood Mitigation

There will be a focus on all players within the Industry to operate at a highly efficient level to meet government and community expectations of water management.

Water Training Australia, through its director Mike Rankin and key training and management specialists, have significant experience and knowledge of the water industry and will be developing and implementing technical and management training to meet these emerging challenges.


To be the leading water industry Registered Training Organisation in Australasia.


To deliver practical and holistic development programs that enhance workforce capability to contribute directly to natural resource sustainability and the prosperity of local communities.